Smokejumpers is a reality television series from CMT that follows the United States Forest Service’s most elite team of firefighters-the men and women who keep America’s forest fires in check by parachuting into remote forest regions and stopping the spread of fires using limited tools and resources. Wildfires are a force of nature. For a variety of reasons, it’s not in our best interest to let the woods burn naturally. So when large fires erupt in distant stretches of forest, someone has to go put them out. Of all the firefighting positions available in the world, smokejumping is by far the most dangerous and physically demanding. Because it requires the firefighter to jump out of an airplane to get to the fire, the firefighter can only rely on their own bodies and the few tools they’ve brought with them to contain the blaze. The job requires the smokejumpers to hike┬álong distances while carrying large amounts of weight, and not everyone has the physical and mental stamina to do the job right. Smokejumpers is a compelling reality series that follows a group of rookies trying to survive the grueling training program they have to complete before they can drop into their first wildfire.