With offices in Austin, TX and London, Megalomedia’s passion is to share the most compelling worlds, authentic characters and engaging stories out there. Since our first broadcast in 2008, our original non-fiction programming has been connecting with millions of viewers around the world.

The range of programing we’ve produced is as varied as the audiences it’s captivated. From the cross-country adventures of transporters hauling one-of-a kind items in Shipping Wars and Shipping Wars UK, to the life-altering weight loss documentaries that share the transformational experiences of the individuals and their families on My 600-lb Life and Heavy, or the life threatening scenarios faced everyday on the job in Marshal Law: TX and Smokejumpers.

Megalomedia’s mission is to impact and inspire lives by seizing those ordinary moments of people discovering a way to improve their reality, excelling in their everyday profession, or simply striving to do good for those around them.