A&E’s original series Shipping Wars, which follows independent truckers who make their living hauling unusual items traditional carriers won’t touch, is back for a brand-new season.

Shipping Wars follows the high-stakes world of heavy-duty moving as independent truckers bid against one another for the opportunity to ship the unshippable. Each day, thousands of shipments, from oversized loads and bulky packages to the truly bizarre, are put up for auction. The trucker with the lowest bid wins the job. The trouble then is figuring out how to actually move it.

In Season 6, seasoned shippers Marc Springer, Jennifer Brennan, and Jarret Joyce returned to tackle new loads and the challenges that come with them. Joining these Shipping Wars veterans are new cast members Dusty Davie, Jessica Samko, and Todd and Tamera Sturgis. Shipping since age 16, Davie comes from a big trucking family and now owns one of the largest heavy hauling trucking companies in the Midwest. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Samko founded her own trucking business and is willing to haul anything she can get her hands on. Shipping power couple Todd and Tamera Sturgis have been driving trucks together for 20 years and cross the country every other week, hauling whatever their dispatcher throws at them.

Some of what’s to come this season: Jarrett struggles with his toughest shipment yet when he signs on to transport a giant 40-foot plaster colon, Jenn ships a collection of haunted dolls, newcomer Dusty lands a cross-country load involving a Soviet era MIG jet, and Marc Springer battles tornado-spawning weather as he hauls a heavy load.